Geosciences Undergraduate Programs

Objectives of the Geology Undergraduate Program:

The aim of this program is to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills needed in geology, with an emphasis on geological methods related to petroleum and mineral exploration. Special emphasis is placed on instrumentation, field techniques, and computer modeling for data processing and interpretation.
The program offers summer training in the industry, field work with geological instruments; use of computers in teaching; and homework solving problems.

Learning Outcomes:
After successfully finishing this Program, the students shall have the ability

  • To apply mathematics, science, and fundamental geology to explorational or engineering geological problems.
  • To identify, formulate, and solve practical explorational or engineering geological problems.
  • To describe and interpret geological formations, to prepare geological maps.
  • To conduct laboratory measurements, use basic laboratory instruments, equipment, and computers to analyze and interpret data.
  • To work in a professional environment, either in the field, the lab, or the office.
  • To communicate effectively in written and spoken English,  including by means of multimedia tools.
  • To work effectively in teams, including interdisciplinary teams, in order to solve problems relevant to Geology.
  • To understand their professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • To understand the impact of mineral exploration and exploitation on the society and environment.
  • To engage in lifelong learning in their selected field.

B.S. in Geology


B.S. in Geophysics