At the core of CPG is the Center for Integrative Petroleum Research (CIPR).

It plays a vital role of being the research arm of the college and its most immediate challenge.

There is an opportunity to define and launch distinctive CIPR research programs, develop industrial consortia and other forms of industrial collaborative engagement, and provide student research experiences that are world-class and/or uniquely valuable.

CIPR is in the process of building an international best practice organizational structure that embodies the highest integrated research and research-intensive education capabilities and offerings.

Fundamental to the approach adopted, will be the development of high-quality research laboratory facilities that will support the research programs, the industry collaborations and importantly enhance the learning experiences of the students attending CPG.

As the CIPR programs unfold, the core objective remains to attract high-caliber research personnel to build unique world-class research facilities that are of direct relevance and benefit to the economic future of the kingdom, provide outstanding opportunities for researchers and the faculty so as to deliver quality and integrated learning engagement for students.