An integral part of KFUPM, the College of Petroleum and Geosciences (CPG) serves the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) as the foremost innovative and pioneering education establishment for the important Oil & Gas Industry.

Its remit is both to foster excellence within KSA and bring international best practice to the College through its academic prowess, quality research programs and its strong industrial partnerships formed with world-renowned leading brands.

The College is adjacent to Dhahran Techno Valley (DTV) and this is where many of the leading Oil & Gas companies Research & Development centers are based and utilize many of high-quality facilities offered by CPG to assist and support their businesses. Working in close collaboration with leading organizations including Saudi Aramco, we offer access to a full range of resources, knowledge and insights that both reinforce our position as the premier teaching and research establishment of its type within KSA and highlights our credentials as a Good Corporate Citizen to a wide range of stakeholder interests within The Kingdom and on the International stage.

At CPG, we believe that our quality research distinguishes us from the competition and our deep-rooted partnerships with industry allow us to help identify and provide innovative solutions to some of the most pressing and intricate problems facing the Oil & Gas Industry both domestically and globally. Importantly, our structured and unique approach to our teaching, research and industry partnerships help shape the culture of CPG and continuing to develop and evolve as a “Centre of Excellence” lies at the heart of our Vision & Values experience.

We will continue to develop and expand our growing industrial network base because through these connections, CPG is able to secure valuable funding and resources that support and enhance the quality research programs that make a defined difference to both our corporate partners and the petroleum industry as a whole.

Whether as a student, a faculty member, a researcher or an industrial partner, CPG strives to provide learning, development and opportunity. We are committed to providing the highest standards of academic research possible and our reach extends both within KSA and overseas. Achievement is the key driver in our approach and excellence through teaching and value in our research partnerships underpin the collective CPG offering package.

We have achieved a great deal, and don’t want to stop… Join CPG so that we achieve further… but together.