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Drive productivity, ensure compliance, streamline processes, and improve organizational efficiency by using LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). SampleManager LIMS delivers laboratory management, data management, and process execution/procedural Laboratory Execution System (LES) capabilities in a single solution.

CPG-LIMS is a customized Laboratory Information Management System software that enables CPG students, faculty & staff members to organize their day-to-day work in a systematic manner. The main feature of CPG-LIMS is that it is accessible to authorized individuals from the web, hence, eliminating compatibility and accessibility issues. With CPG-LIMS authorized individuals can create bookings for cars, laboratory, laboratory equipment's, eLearning facilities & services, maintenance scheduling, and record/report safety incidents. CPG-LIMS has Laboratory Execution System (LES) for laboratory users and safety team. LES is a step-by-step guide for laboratory users to execute and record their respective experiments. LES has also been customized for the safety team that enables them to enforce safety training for any LIMS user. CPG-LIMS has empowered the management to streamline and manage the tasks and optimize throughput.


  • Laboratory Booking
  • Equipment/Instrument Booking
  • Car Booking System
  • Sample Life-cycle
  • Incident Reporting


  • Laboratory Execution System (LES)
  • Safety Induction Exam
  • IT Support and Services
  • Laboratory and Equipment Maintenance Service.

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Mr. Sameer Junaid / Mr. Ali Bashir

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sameerij@kfupm.edu.sa / ali.bashir@kfupm.edu.sa

PETGTC Building 248, Dhahran Techno Valley, Cu 108.07
College of Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences,
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals,
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