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Faculty Awards between Jan 2017 and Aug 2021

NameDATE Award / Recognition
Dr. Bassam Tawabini2016Excellence in Advising in April 2016.
20171st place at the 5th Saudi Water Arabia conference held between 17-19 of October, 2017 in Saudi Arabia. The paper titled’ Assessment of Polyelectrolyte Coated Fly Ash for Cadmium Removal in Polluted Water".
2019Awards for obtaining three US Patents.
Prof. Michael Kaminski2017Excellence in Teaching in April 2017.
Recognized as foreign member of the Polish Academy of Sciences in October 2017.
2020Elected as a Foreign Member of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. This is the highest honor for any academician in Poland in July 2020.
Dr. Osman Abdullatif2017Dr. O. Abdullatif was appointed as a member of the Technical Committee of the 7th EAGE Arabian Plate Geology Workshop in October 2017.
2018Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing, from Journal of African Earth Sciences in January 2018.
2019Certificate of outstanding contribution in Reviewing from Journal of Petroleum science and Engineering, Elsevier, Amsterdam, the Netherlands January 2019.
Dr. Mohammad Makkawi2018Excellence in Teaching in April 2018.
2020Appointed a Shura Council Member in October 2020.
Dr. Khalid Al-Ramadan2018AAPG Distinguished Services Award for Academic Contribution in March 2018.
2019Excellence in Teaching in April 2019

Student Competitions / Awards

TitleDATE TeamMentorRank
Best Paper presentation at 8th Annual KFUPM Students Scientific ForumOct 2017Ammar jumaDr. Osman Abdullatif1st
Best Poster Award at 5th Saudi Water Arabia Conference & Exhibition.Oct 2017Fatai A. OlabemiwoDr. Bassam Tawabini1st
AAPG-Imperial Barrel Challenge (IBA) at GEO 2018March 2018Omar Al-HejajiDr. Khalid Al Ramadan 2nd
Ali Alabyadh
Hisham Mousawi
Mohd. Said Abdallah
2018 Saudi Aramco Upstream HackathonDec 2018Musab Saad Al-Modrra Dr. Mohammad Makkawi1st
EAGE Earth Hackathon

by European Association of Geoscience and Engineering (EAGE)
Feb 2019Musab Saad Al-Modrra Dr. Mohammad Makkawi1st
Petroenvironment 2019 Student Poster CompetitionFeb 2019Arya PradiptaDr. Mohammad Makkawi3rd
2019 American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Foundation Grants-in-Aid ProgramMar 2019Septriandi ChanDr. John HumphreyAmong 114 selected students from across the world from total 445 applicants
2020 Imperial Barrel Award by AAPG (Middle East)Mar 2020Mohammad NaveedDr. Khalid Al-Ramadan (KFUPM)1st Place in Middle East.
Ignatius ArgadestyaDr. Mahdi AbuAli (Saudi Aramco)
Mohamad Al-Dubais
Fawaz Al-Qahtani
2020 Imperial Barrel Award by AAPG (Global)Jun 2020Mohammad NaveedDr. Khalid Al-Ramadan (KFUPM)2nd Place in Global Competition
Ignatius ArgadestyaDr. Mahdi AbuAli (Saudi Aramco)
Mohamad Al-Dubais
Fawaz Al-Qahtani

Faculty Awards between Jan 2017 and Aug 2021
NameDATE Award / Recognition
Dr. SanLinn I. Kaka2017Excellence in Advising in April 2017.
Appointed as a Scientific Advisor Board Member of STEPS (Science and Technology for Exploration and Production Solutions) in November 2017.
Prof. Abdullatif Al Shuhail2017Certificate of appreciation by John Willy Publishers for writing a knowledgeable book “Seismic Data Interpretation using Digital Image Processing”
2018Chaired several sessions in GEO2016 and GEO2018
Organizing Committee Member of SEG Near Surface Geophysics.
Promoted to Full Professor Rank in April 2018
Appointed as Department Chairman in September 2018
Technical Committee member for SEG Wide Azimuth Workshop.
Dr. Sherif Mahmoud2018Associate editor at the Near Surface Geophysics
2019Member of the DL committee, SEG.
Elected as the district 10 representative, SEG
Prof. Peter Mora2021Featured in the list of the world’s top 2% scientists in their research area in a global list issued by a joint research evaluation metric created by Elsevier and Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford. The global list, carries names of 159,683 people from all scientific disciplines.
Student Competitions / Awards
TitleDATE TeamMentorRank
SEG Challenge Bowl at GEO 2018March 2018Ahmed AfifyDr. Ammar Elhusseiny 4th
Oluseun SanuadeDr. Umair Waheed
EAGE Geo-Quiz at GEO 2018March 2018Leon TufaniDr. Umair Waheed 5th
Ahmed AfifyDr. Osman Abdullatif
Mohamed ElMuzafar
KFUPM 4th Senior Design ExpoDec 2018Ahmad Alghamdi Dr. Sherif Hanafy 1st (Geosciences Category)
Ahmed Almomen
Wael Alhulaimi
Mohammed Mahroos
Adnan Bin Madhi
CPG Challenge Bowl 2019March 2019Septriandi ChanDr. Ammar Elhusseiny 1st
Nabil Saraih3rd
SEG – DGS 13th Middle East April 2019Ayman Al-Lehyani Dr. Ammar Elhusseiny 1st
Oluseun Sanuade
SEG Challenge Bowl 2019 – San AntonioSeptember 2019Septriandi ChanDr. Ammar Elhusseiny 2nd
Ayman Al-Lehyani
KFUPM 5th Senior Design ExpoDec 2019-Dr. Sherif Hanafy1st (Geosciences Category)