Vision of the College

To be a global leader in the integration of petroleum engineering and geosciences education and research relevant to the discovery and recovery of hydrocarbon resources, with minimum impact on the environment.



  • To ensure that undergraduate and graduate programs of the College keep pace with the inexorable increase in the basic sciences underlying our understanding of Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences, and in the technological advances of exploration and production of oil and gas.
  • To prepare graduates of the College to contribute to humankind’s knowledge of discovery and recovery with the ability to solve the difficult technical, industrial, and civic problems of tomorrow.
  • To help secure the economic future of Saudi Arabia and the world by increasing the role of the world’s largest oil-producing country as a generator of new science, new technology, and tech-based start-up companies of direct relevance to the growth and development of the oil and gas industries.


The College of Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences (CPG) leverages the educational and research capacity of KFUPM to contribute to industry-relevant research and to develop industry-ready graduate professionals across the Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences spectrum. Its distinguishing approach is driven by quality integrative research, high-level industry engagement, and an extensive collaborative curriculum.