Faculty: Beyond the textbooks

Unlocking knowledge and transforming lives.

At the heart of The College of Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences (CPG) is a determined focus and drive to become an established and recognized global leader in the integration of geosciences and petroleum engineering education and research for undergraduate and graduate levels.

This core aspiration will be achieved through the delivery of quality applied research relevant to the discovery and recovery of hydrocarbon resources with minimum impact on the environment.

The distinguishing characteristics of CPG reside in the excellence inherent within the strong curriculum provided, the world-class faculty professors, and on the provision and the quality of the research programs undertaken. All structured within a pleasant, attractive campus environment dedicated towards ambitious local and foreign students who really value qualitative education.

Our approach and success are built around developing and preparing the next generation of graduates to be best equipped for the opportunities and challenges presented within the demanding world of the oil industry. The strength derived from the robust and proven relationships existing between academia and Industry has positioned CPG as a Thought Leader in our field, and we are committed to evolving and deepening this brand differentiator in the future. This important linkage with Industry is translated from the outset of a student's experience with CPG – both through classroom learning to an actual interface with real-life business interactions.

Helping careers to grow and blossom in a caring, structured and professional manner is fundamental to the over-arching social and commercial ethos of The Faculty, and we strive to provide the best experience possible for students and graduates alike.

Our mission is not solely confined to personal and professional development and excellence. Our innovative and market-leading research is a significant value added to the prosperity of the nation. The Saudi Vision 2030 initiative encapsulates change, modernization and international best practice as key drivers to transform and evolve The Kingdom across a number of different sectors and stakeholder audiences. Our Faculty is contributing to this transformation by supporting the 3 pillar goals of a thriving economy, a vibrant society, and an ambitious nation.

All that we do and will do at CPG builds strong foundations, fulfills lives and nurtures ambition. That is our purpose and our achievement.