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Artificially structured nanoscale materials have attracted a lot of attention in scientific and technical communities during past decades due to the potential for controlling their optical, electronic and chemical properties. In particular, semiconductor nanocrystals (NCs) and quantum dots (NQDs) represent a class of quasi-zero-dimensional objects in which the motion of carriers is restricted in all 3 dimensions. Bulk crystalline structure is preserved in NQDs, but due to 3-dimensional quantum confinement, NQDs have discrete atomic-like absorption and emission spectra, which are strongly size dependent.

I will present our recent results studying single particle and bulk emission properties of recently developed classes of nanocrystals, namely inorganic perovskite NCs (CsPbX, X=Cl, Br, I) and colloidal II-VI materials (CdSe/CdS, InP, etc.). We employ single photon statistics and femtosecond transient absorption measurements to study elemental excitonic properties and energy/charge transfer processes and interactions with various substrates/environment. We demonstrate that such NCs are excellent candidates for a wide range of optoelectronics applications ranging from fluorescence markers in various solution environments to solar cells/lasers/light emitting sources to single photon emitters for emerging quantum communication technologies.

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