What is the Summer Camp?

The idea for CPG 199: Summer Camp was spawned during discussions of curriculum development for the new College. Established in 2015, the College of Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences (CPG) matriculated the first undergraduate class in Fall 2017. Establishment of the College was predicated on providing a truly integrated educational experience among Geology, Geophysics, and Petroleum Engineering students. Because the Petrotechnical industry professionals work in multidisciplinary teams, CPG strives to inculcate integration throughout the undergraduate curriculum. This integration is realized in a common freshman curriculum across the three majors, a common post-first-year eight-week summer experience (CPG 199 Summer Camp), and a senior design course sequence involving teams of Geology, Geophysics, and Petroleum Engineering students solving real-world problems in Petroleum Exploration and Production.


Unique & Unforgettable Experience….

Participating in the 2019 Summer Camp (course CPG 199) with 63 students who just finished Freshmen year under the new integrated undergraduate programs in the College of Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences (CPG) was one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences I had in many years! It was very gratifying to live the birth of such well planned and executed program that took us to the Hajar mountains of Oman, the Eastern Outer Carpathian Mountains and the beautiful city of Krakow – Poland, and to exciting in-Kingdom oil & gas industry.
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