Mohammed Zaki Al-AbdulJabbar

Tel: +966 (013) 860-8612 / 98948

Mohammed Zaki Al-AbdulJabbar

3D Graphic Designer Remote Sensing Laboratory, Laboratory Technical Support & Services

Graduated from Multimedia University majoring in Virtual Reality. Passionate about building interactive 3D environments (Virtual Environments), 3D Modeling (3D content modeling) and a little into 3D animation.
Developing skills in 3D Game Engines in free time.

Educational Qualification

• Diploma in Management Information Systems, Institute of Industrial Management and Information Technology (IIMIT), Dhahran, KSA, 2004
B.S. in Virtual Reality, Multimedia University, Malaysia, 2011

Research Interests

  • VR, AR, MR, XR
  • 3D Modeling & Animation
  • C# Programming

Awards & Honors

  • Our Team (Internship) has won the Golden Medal in the I’TEX Convention, Virtual Hajj Project, Kuala Lumpur, 2010