With the stated Vision of being both the best educational establishment of its kind within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a leading international Oil & Gas academic institution, CPG continues to attract and retain a diverse mix of international student and faculty member communities.

Being truly international in its appeal to the discerning student is an important consideration and point of differentiation for CPG.

Global competition for quality students is high and CPG fully accepts and is committed to providing the best experience possible to attract International Students to the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The factors that contribute to the final destination choice are many and CPG recognizes the needs and demands of the modern-day student. We want this educational experience to have a lasting and positive legacy and fully appreciate that this will encompass academic, career path and social impact considerations.

That is why we take the time and the care to consider the options that you have available and make your CPG experience – memories that you will never forget.

On Campus, International Students can enjoy free accommodation, travel around the large and beautifully aesthetic setting of the College without cost, receive subsidized eating options, enjoy freedom of movement within secure premises, experience high-tech teaching classroom environments and enjoy a wide-range of quality sports facilities and College Associations that promote and encourage interactions and friendships with colleagues drawn from around the world.

In addition, the cities of Dhahran, Dammam and Al Khobar are individually diverse and offer a wide range of entrepreneurial, social and leisure activities that appeal to individuals and families alike. On offer are large world – class malls and excellent restaurants containing leading International Brands and experiences that cater to a diverse collection of global tastes. CPG also has a private beach that can be enjoyed by sea and sun enthusiasts alike and the popular Corniche attraction brings the charm and appeal of The Arabian Gulf and the nearby causeway to Bahrain to your growing list of tourist attractions. And don’t forget about the surrounding vast desert where safari excursions and traditional Arabian and western outdoor barbecue parties help shape your desert experience.

International Students are attracted to CPG in an individual and family based capacity and we endeavor to cater for all needs whether as one or as many. Saudi Arabia in a very family-oriented country, and this holds true in the area around the College Campus. Within a short distance of CPG, women and children have almost everything they would need, including high-quality international schools extending the quality learning experience to the next generation of would-be-students.

CPG is committed to helping its ‘family’ – including its extended family – make the transition to Dhahran as smooth and comfortable as possible. International Students are a vital component in our family chain and are at the heart of our journey to become an internationally recognized and quality orientated educational and research establishment for the Oil & Gas Industry.