A pivotal component of any high performing organization is the quality of the staff operating and delivering outputs for a range of different stakeholder audiences.

At CPG, our people are our differentiation and our Ambassadors to the outside world. Without them, we cannot fulfill our vision to be a leading tertiary education establishment in The Kingdom and Internationally.

Our employees undertake a range of different assignments from research to teaching, from IT to administration, from facility supervision to lab technicians and maintenance. The list is long and varied but our recruitment and retention policies are such that we ensure, to the best of our abilities, that only the best professionals are employed to deliver quality and valuable services to CPG Faculty, management, and students alike.

Within the education support environment to the over-arching Oil & Minerals Industry, CPG prides itself on having both the best high-tech facilities and managerial expertise available to professors, researchers, undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates. Our loyal and talented employees make this happen and are fundamental to our reputation and achievements.

CPG employees are your first point of contact with the College and the interaction and engagement will be with you throughout your educational experience with us. Whether through general inquiry, via graduate support, through e-learning, for counseling, by mentoring, for medical assistance, with accommodation needs or matters relating to your personal circumstances – CPG staff will be your contact, your guidance, and your facilitator to make sure that your time with us is as rewarding as your expectations.

Our employees look forward to welcoming you to a premier tertiary education establishment in KSA and one of the leading institutions of its type internationally. Our employees matter to us and as a key touch-point audience during your time at CPG, they can and will make a positive difference to your learning experience.