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Salah El-Din Elkatatny Reyad Awwad Shawabkeh, Mohamed Ahmed Nasr El-Din Mahmoud

Method for Drilling a Wellbore with a Weighted Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger Fluid Patent

US10501676B2, 2019.

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Syed M. Shakil Hussain, Muhammad Shahzad Kamal

Zwitterionic Surfactant Containing Ethoxylate Units Patent

US10479762B1, 2019.

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Jimoh K. Adewole, Musa Najimu O

Drilling fluid composition containing treated date pit particles and methods of use thereof Patent

US20190233706A1, 2019.

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Alexis Mouanda Nzila Assad Ahmed Mohammed Al-Thukair, Musa Mohammed Musa Musa Fitri Budiyanto

Method for biodegrading high molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon pyrenes with halophilic bacteria Patent

US20190184219A1, 2019.

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Ahmed Abdulazeem Hamza, Sami Abdulaziz Alnuaim

Inflow performance relationship for multilateral wells Patent

US9984180B2, 2018.

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Mohamed A. Mahmoud, Mir Muhammad Mansoor Alam

Enhanced oil recovery processes Patent

US9976071B2, 2018.

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Ibnelwaleed Ali Hussein Ahmad Akanbi Adewunmi, Abdullah Saad Sultan Khalid Saad Elkarsani ; Al-Muntasheri, Ghaithan A

Use of organoclay as emulsifier in polymeric gels for water permeability reduction Patent

US9951593B2, 2018.

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Zaid Zaffar Jangda, Abdullah Sultan S

Fluorosurfactant extraction process for carbonate reservoirs Patent

US9920238B2, 2018.

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Khalid, Muhammad Ali; Alnuaim, Sami Abdulaziz; Rammay, Muzammil Hussain

Permeability and inflow performance determination for horizontal wells Patent

US9568642B1, 2017.

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Alshuhail, Abdulrahman; Aldawood, Ali Abdulhameed; Al-shuhail, Abdullatif

Machines, systems, and methods for super-virtual borehole sonic interferometry Patent

WO2013148928A2, 2013.

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