Dr. Abdulaziz Obaid Al–Kaabi

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Dr. Abdulaziz Obaid Al–Kaabi

Dean, Dean’s Office

Dr. Abdulaziz O. Al-Kaabi is the first Dean of College of Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences (CPG), KFUPM.  Previously he worked at Saudi Aramco as a Chief Technologist for Reservoir Engineering Technology at Saudi Aramco Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC) from 2002 to 2015.  Earlier, from 1990 to 2002, he served at KFUPM and held the rank of Associate Professor in the Department of Petroleum Engineering, and the Director of Center for Petroleum and Minerals in the Research Institute.  He returned to KFUPM as the founding Dean of College of Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences in 2015.  He received his B.S. (1982) and M.S. (1984) from KFUPM, Saudi Arabia and Ph.D. (1990) in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M, USA.

Research Interests

  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Oil Recovery
  • Formation Evaluation.

Selected Publications

  • US Patent 20120018160A1, 2013: Oil Recovery Process for Carbonate Reservoirs, Ali Abdullah Al-Yousif, Abdulaziz Al-Kaabi and Salah Hamad Al-Saleh.
  • Al-Kaabi and W.J. Lee, “Authors’ Reply to Discussion on ‘Using Artificial Neural Nets to identify the Well Test Interpretation Model‘,” SPE Formation Evaluation Journal, SPE, Sep. 1994, pp. 238.
  • Al-Kaabi and W.J. Lee, “Using Artificial Neural Networks to identify the Well Test Interpretation Model,” SPE Formation Evaluation Journal, SPE, Sep. 1993, pp. 233-240.

Awards & Honors

  • The Custodian of the Two Holly Mosques Prize for Honoring Inventors and the Gifted (2017).
  • KFUPM-RI Best Research Team, 1996”, for the team of project PN 21111: Rock Compressibility and Formation Strength Indices in Sandstone Reservoirs; a research project funded by Saudi Aramco at KFUPM Research Institute.
  • Prince Mohammed Award, 1996”, for the team of project: Rock Wettebility, 1994.
  • Prince Mohammed Award, 1998”, for the team of project: Geostatistical and Evaluation of Petroleum Reservoir Charactaristic.
  • KFUPM-RI Best Research Team, 1998”, for the team of project PN 21129: Modeling of Hanifa Fracture Reservoir – Development of a Program to Construct a Cross-Sectional Model Between Two Wells Based on the Fractal Theory; a research project funded by Saudi Aramco at KFUPM Research Institute.
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Hassan Al-Hashim

Manager of Finance & Administration Department, Dean’s Office, Finance & Admin

Hassan Alhashim has over 10 years of experience in Saudi Aramco in the capital investments field mostly concentrated in the area of planning and budgeting of capital projects. His experience involves developing budgeting and capital expenditure policies, ensuring compliance to corporate policies, and providing capital funding guidance to management and other stakeholders. In addition, he has been continuously implementing process improvements to core activities, and his analytical thinking has provided him effective issue resolution and operational excellence. Moreover, he has also been rewarded with a plethora of opportunities to work with diversified teams on various projects such as office and residential buildings, gas plants, refineries, pipelines and more. Working at Saudi Aramco and its Affiliates have given him vast expertise in diagnostic and systematic thinking process that can successfully be applied to enhance an organization’s competence and efficiency

Educational Qualification

  • B.S. in Business Administration – Finance, The University of Kansas (Lawrence, Kansas, USA), December 2009.
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Mr. Fawaz A. Al-Anazi

Dean’s Office

Mr. Fawaz is Manager of the Department of Finance & Administration with 18+ years of experience in Managing Compliance & Audits, Quality Control, Financial Analysis and Risk Assessment processes across diverse roles & hierarchies; CFO, Controller, and an Audit Manager. Well-versed and proficient in quality assurance, managing business plans, minimizing financial risks to the corporation through review & compliance functions related to contracting & procurement activities, external auditor consultation review, and employee development.

Managing operations such as leadership, daily operations, Financial Statements, developing strategic plans, monitoring corporate activities management, human resources, financial planning, budgeting, tracking expenses, creating and implementing policies, and implementing visionary business strategies to driving employees to achieve peak performance levels.

Mr. Fawaz is directing strategic enhancements to outperform corporate objectives while communicating openly and productively with staff and management teams.  Enjoying increased knowledge of the corporate’s business and operations – including strategy, training, direction and competitive pressures.

Educational Qualification

  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), 2019
  • Certified Enterprise Risk Specialist (CERS), 2018
  • Certified Risk Management Assurance (CRMA), 2014
  • Executive MBA from KFUPM, 2015
  • B.S. Management in Informative System from King Fahd University, 2001

Major Work Business Accomplishments:

  • Standardized and structured financial reporting based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Financial information about the college were made available.
  • Implemented business process control & Established internal review and monitoring reports.
  • Streamlined all CPG financial payment process.
  • Streamlined Procurement process and enhance the procedure.
  • Streamlined Fixed Assed process with KFUPM & Established Fixed Asset Procedure.
  • Streamlined the Year-end closure reconciliation process with all parties.
  • Developed the College’s procedures that have govern the business process of the college and implementing the controls over the business processes. Such as: (Honorarium procedure, Tip, Award (internal partnership), Enhanced Travel procedure, Cash Advanced, Enhanced Petty Cash procedure, Exit clearance, Research Start up, etc.
  • Developed College Code of Conduct, Individual Confidentially Undertaking, and Statement of Awareness of management Guide and Risk.
  • Developed Research Start up compensation agreement Program.
  • Worked out  a criteria for students incentives program.
  • Managed the College financial Performance.
  • Led the College of Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences (CPG) business process enhancement.
  • Led the College system automation development project (ERP) system.
  • Led the College HR consultation project.
  • Effectively led and contributed to the timely completion of 18 high-risk audits.
  • Developed and conducted quality assessment of Internal Auditing (IA) process.
  • Developed a document addressing criteria and developmental needs for model auditor professional and determined the criteria that are needed to be a model auditor profession.
  • Involved in the development of internal auditing business process dashboard in alignment with organizational goals/ standards.
  • Define the business control process.
  • Played a key role in setting up audit procedures, defined quality assurance review process, and enhanced resources utilization process.
  • Held several positions such as Quality Control and Audit Manager for Support Audit Division.

Awards & Honors

  • Recipient of Risk Management Assurance (Certificate) & Recognition (Certificate).
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Yousef H. Botwaibah

Communication Administrator, Dean’s Office

Having a vast experience in various major governmental organizations including Saudi Arabian National Guard (1984-90) and Saudi TV channel 2, Yousef joined CPG in 2017, working as CPG Communication Administrator. Prior to joining CPG, he was working as PR Specialist & Government Affairs Staff Advisor at Saudi Aramco from 1991 and retired in 2016 as Career Counselor.

Educational Qualification

  • B.A, Double Major in English Inter-Personal Communication & French Linguistics, Sonoma State University, 1983, California, USA.


  • French Language Training (summer classes) 1980-1982, University of Nice, France.
  • French Language Training (summer classes) 1983, International Center for Language, Besançon, France
  • Human Resources Development Program   September 16-18, 1987, American Management Association, New York.
  • Personnel Administration:  Principles and Techniques   June 18-30, 1988, MEIRC, Athens, Greece
  • Compensation and Benefits   August 5-7, 1989, MEIRC, Athens, Greece
  • Recruitment and Selection Skills    July 6-11, 1990, Human Resources Dev. Corp. Sousse, Tunisia
  • Contract Administration Seminar   November 21-23, 1992
  • Coaching for Performance August 24-27, 1996
  • Situational Leadership   November 30-December 2, 1997
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People   December 23-26, 2001
  • Energizing & Empowering Employees May 28, 2006
  • PR Protocol   March 17-20, 2007
  • 2nd Kuwait Conference on PR    February 12-13, 2008                                          
  • Fikr 7 Cairo 2008   November 13-16, 2008                                                                         
  • 10th ASHRM International Conference & Exhibition March 29-31, 2010                  
  • Specialist Social Responsibility Dec.15-19, 2013                                                                                        
  • Conflict of Interest & Bus. Ethics June 25, 2014    
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Sayed Masroor Bakht

Secretary, Dean’s Office

Sayed is a Secretary to the office of Dean at CPG and carries out a range of administrative and organizational duties.

Educational Qualification

  • MA, Delhi University, India, 1988
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Sergio P. Deligente Jr

Admin Assistant, Dean’s Office

Educational Qualification

  • Bachelor in Business Education, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Sta. Mesa Manila – 1991.