Prof. Peter J. Rossky

Prof. Peter J. Rossky

Prof. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Dean – Weiss School of Natural Sciences Rice University, C.A.P.

Prof. Stephen Graham

Professor of Geological Sciences and Dean of School of Earth – Energy and Environmental Sciences – Stanford University, C.A.P.

Missfer Azzahrani

Exploration Saudi Aramco – General Manager, C.A.P.

Prof. Dongxiao Zhang

College of Engineering National Chair Professor – Dean – Department of Energy and Resources Engineering Peking University, C.A.P.

Prof. Nasser Al-Aqeeli

Professor – Dean – Scientific Research KFUPM, C.A.P.

Prof. Salam Zummo

Professor Dean of Graduate Studies, C.A.P.

Dr. Nabeel Alafaleq

Chief Petroleum Engineer Saudi Aramco, C.A.P.