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Syed Rizwanullah Hussaini

Engineer II, CIPR

MS Graduate in Electrical Engineering from KFUPM with a major in Signal Processing. Working in Center for Integrative Petroleum Research as a Technical Research Assistant with a specialization in Statistical Signal Processing, NMR Rock Analysis, Multiscale CT Imaging and Seismic Data Analysis.

Educational Qualification

  • M.Sc., Electrical Engineering, KFUPM, KSA, 2012
  • BE, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Osmania University, India, 2007

Research Interests

  • Statistical Signal Processing, NMR Rock Analysis, Multiscale CT Imaging, Seismic Data Analysis

Selected Publications

  1. A. Vesnaver, S. I. Kaka, S. R. Hussaini, A. Popoola, “Microtremor Analysis Over Carbonates With and Without Oil”, 4th EAGE Workshop on Passive Seismic, Amsterdam, March 2013.
  2. Jin, HG Pérez, G. Agrawal, S.R. Hussaini. “Unconventional Shale Permeability Quantification: Direct Measurement of the Effects of Capillary Condensation and Gas Composition”. 2nd EAGE/SPE/AAPG Shale Gas Workshop, Dubai, September 2014.
  3. G Jin, HG Pérez, G Agrawal, MR Khodja, AZ Ali, SR Hussaini, ZZ Jangda. “The Impact of Gas Adsorption and Composition on Unconventional Shale Permeability Measurement”. SPE Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference, Manama, March 2015.
  4. G Jin, HG Pérez, AA Dhamen, SS Ali, A Nair, G Agrawal, MR Khodja, SR Hussaini, ZZ Jangda, AZ Ali. “Permeability Measurement of Organic-Rich Shale – Comparison of Various Unsteady-State Methods”. SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Texas, September 2015