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Ridha Al-Abdrabalnabi

Engineer II, CIPR

Ridha joined center of integrative petroleum research (CIPR) as a petroleum engineer in 2016. His experience in CIPR revolves around special core analysis labs. An active member in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and acidizing groups. In addition, he’s taking role of mentoring graduate students to perform their core-flooding experiments.

Educational Qualification

  • M.S., Petroleum Engineering, KFUPM, KSA 2023
  • B.S., Petroleum Engineering, KFUPM, KSA 2015

Research Interests

  • Special core analysis
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • Acidizing
  • Acid fracturing

Selected Publications

  • Xinrui Zhao, Ridha Al-Abdrabalnabi, Yu-Shu Wu, Xianmin Zhou, Evaluations of the feasibility of oil storage in depleted petroleum reservoirs through experimental modelling studies, Fuel, Volume 294, 2021, 120316, ISSN 0016-2361, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.fuel.2021.120316
  • Zhou, Xianmin , Al-Abdrabalnabi, Ridha , Khan, Sarmad Zafar, and Muhammad Shahzad Kamal. “Interrelationship of Capillary Number, Interfacial Tension, Injection Flow Rate and Temperature by Surfactant Flooding for Oil-wet Carbonate Reservoirs.” Paper presented at the SPE/IATMI Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, Virtual, October 2021. doi: https://doi.org/10.2118/205749-MS
  • Zeeshan Tariq, Amjed Hassan, Ridha Al-Abdrabalnabi, Murtada Saleh Aljawad, and Mohamed Mahmoud. Comparative Study of Fracture Conductivity in Various Carbonate Rocks Treated with GLDA Chelating Agent and HCl Acid. Energy & Fuels 2021 35 (23), 19641-19654. DOI: 10.1021/acs.energyfuels.1c03471