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Rahul Salin Babu

Engineer II, CIPR

He joined the Advanced petrophysics & Nuclear Magnetic Resonance/Magnetic Resonance Imaging laboratories at CIPR, KFUPM in 2017. He has a diversified experience in various research fields like Nuclear Magnetic Resonance/Magnetic Resonance Imaging rock core scanning & analysis for fluid typing, saturation recovery, diffusion distribution etc. Using core flood method to study foam properties, gas trapping & wettability alteration in porous media using chemical methods like surfactants & nanoparticles.

Educational Qualification

  • B.Tech., Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Research Interests

  • Study of foam properties in porous media
  • Effect of surfactants and nanoparticles on foam trapping
  • Using NMR & MRI techniques for EOR
  • CO2 sequestration

Selected Publications

  • Mohamed Gamal Rezk, Rahul S. Babu, Suaibu O. Badmus, Abdulrauf R. Adebayo. Foam-Assisted Capillary Trapping in Saline Aquifers—An Initial–Residual Saturation Analysis. Energies, Volume 15- Issue 17. 2022
  • Sakthivel S, Babu Salin R. Imidazolium based ionic liquid stabilized foams for conformance control: bulk and porous scale investigation. Royal Society of Chemistry Advances 11(47): 29711- 29727. September, 2021.
  • Jaber Al Jaberi, Badr S. Bageri, Abdulrauf R. Adebayo, Shirish Patil, Assad Barri, Rahul B. Salin. Evaluation of formation damages during filter cake deposition and removal process: The effect of primary damage on secondary damage. Journal of Petroleum Science 18(4): 1153 -1162. August, 2021.
  • Bageri BS, Adebayo AR, Al Jaberi J, Patil S, Salin RB. Evaluating drilling fluid infiltration in porous media – Comparing NMR, gravimetric, and X-ray CT scan methods. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering Vol. 198. March, 2021.
  • Adebayo AR, Bageri BS, Al Jaberi J, Salin RB. A calibration method for estimating mudcake thickness and porosity using NMR data. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering Vol. 195. December, 2020.

Extended Publications (+)

  • Al Jaberi JB, Bageri BS, Barri A, Adebayo A, Patil S, Babu R, Rizwanullah S. Insight into secondary posterior formation damage during barite filter cake removal in calcite formations. International Petroleum Technology Conference 2020, IPTC 2020, IPTC-19611-MS. January, 2020.
  • Bageri BS, Adebayo AR, Barri A, Al Jaberi J, Patil S, Hussaini SR, Babu RS. Evaluation of secondary formation damage caused by the interaction of chelated barite with formation rocks during filter cake removal. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering Vol. 183. Dec, 2019.
  • Adebayo AR, Babalola L, Hussaini SR, Alqubalee A, Babu RS. Insight into the pore characteristics of aSaudi Arabian tight gas sand reservoir. Energies 12(22): 4302. November, 2019.