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Dr. Salaheldin M. Elkatatny

Associate Professor, Department of Petroleum Engineering

Dr. Elkatatny is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Petroleum Engineering, KFUPM. He worked as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Petroleum Engineering, Cairo University for two years and as a Senior Geo-mechanical Engineer at Advantek International Co. for five years. He was employed by Suco Oil Co. as a Drilling Engineer for one year. While serving as a Research Assistant at Texas A&M University he developed a new theory for filter cake heterogeneity assessment and assumed other research related to using environmentally friendly acids to remove the water-based filter cake and optimization of micro-sized ilmenite water-based drilling fluid for HPHT applications.

Dr. Elkatatny is in charge of a new initiative to transform ideas into a reality. find out more by visiting IDEAS page.

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA, 2013.
  • M.S., Petroleum Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt, 2009.
  • B.S., Petroleum Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt, 2005.

Research Interests

  • Drilling fluid optimization, filter cake removal, formation damage, stimulation, wellbore stability, and geomechanics.

Selected Publications

  • Nasr-El-Din, H.A., Wolf, D., and Elkatatny, S.M. One Step Process to Remove Filter Cake and Treat a Subterranean Formation with a Chelating Agent. Application WO2013160334 A1. 2013.
  • AL Moajil, A., Elkatatny, S.M., Nasr-El-Din, H.A. New Environmentally Friendly Fluid to Remove Mn3O4 Filter Cake. US US20140110121 A1. 2014.
  • Barri, A., Mahmoud, M.A., and Elkatatny, S.M. 2016. Evaluation of Rock Mechanical Properties Alteration during Matrix Stimulation with Chelating Agents. Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 138 (3): doi: 10.1115/1.4032546
  • Mohamed, I. M., Block, G. I., Abou-Sayed, O. A., Elkatatny, S. M., and Abou-Sayed, A. 2016. Flow Rate Dependent Skin in Water Disposal Injection Well. Journal of Energy Resources Technology, JERT-15-1198.

Awards & Honors

  • Third Position in the First Stage of the Paper Contest Competition, Texas A&M University, USA, 2012.
  • Schlumberger Scholarship Award, 2005.
  • Schlumberger Distinguished Student Award, 2003.