Dr. Giovanni Bertotti

Adjunct Professor, Department of Geosciences

Giovanni Bertotti is a structural geologist with a long experience in the analysis of multiscale deformation patterns in different tectonic settings in different parts of the world. Building on his knowledge of the evolution of sedimentary basins, he has gradually moved towards a more quantitative description addressing the stress and strain evolution of rocks during basin formation and deformation. During the last years, he has developed research on Naturally Fractured Reservoirs combining numerical modeling techniques with observations from outcropping analogs of buried reservoirs. He has worked on fractures networks in a variety of lithologies from fluvial deposits (Jordan), turbidite sands in the Karoo Basin (South Africa) as well as on tight shallow water Devonian sand in Morocco. Since a few years, he is investigating fracture patterns in sub-horizontal and in folded shallow-water carbonates on the basis of outcropping analogs in Tunisia (Kef eddour/Berda Formations) and Brazil (Jandaira Formation). Building on the strong collaboration with geomechanics and flow modellers at the Delft University of Technology and elsewhere, Giovanni Bertotti investigates the impact fractures have on porosity and permeability and, eventually, on flow reservoir scale flow patterns.

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D. at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  • MSc in Earth Sciences, University of Pisa (Italy)

Research Interests

  • Structural Geology
  • Sedimentary Basins
  • Tectonics-Sedimentation Interactions
  • Fractured Reservoirs
  • Thermal Evolution of Sedimentary Basins
  • Petroleum Systems

Selected Publications


  • LOPES J.A.G, de CASTRO, D.L. and BERTOTTI, G. 2018. Quantitative analysis of the tectonic subsidence in the Potiguar Basin (NE Brazil). Journal of Geodynamics, 117, 60-74.


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