Tel: + 966 (013) 860-1793

Location: Bldg. 76, Rm. 2160

Dr. Ammar Juma Abdlmutalib Mohammed

Post-Doc Researcher, Department of Geosciences

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D. in geology from Geosciences Department, College of Petroleum Engineering and Geoscience, KFUPM (May-2022)
  • M.S. in geology from Geosciences Department, College of Petroleum Engineering and Geoscience, KFUPM (May-2015)
  • B.S. in geology from Department of Geology, University of Khartoum, Sudan (September-2010)

Research Interests

  • Study of petrophysical and mechanical properties of various types sedimentary rocks (carbonate and clastic rocks) and fractures distribution.
  • Sedimentology and diagenesis of unconventional reservoirs rocks and factors controlling
  • Application of machine learning in geosciences application

Selected Publications

  • Abdlmutalib, O. Abdullatif, A. Abdelkarim, I. Yousif (2019). Factors influencing acoustic properties of carbonate rocks: Examples from middle Jurassic carbonates, Central Saudi Arabia. Journal of African Earth Sciences 150, 767-782.
  • Abdlmutalib, O. Abdullatif, G. Korvin, A. Abdulraheem (2015). The relationship between lithological and geomechanical properties of tight carbonate rocks from Upper Jubaila and Arab-D Member outcrop analog, Central Saudi Arabia. Arabian Journal of Geosciences 8 (12), 11031-11048.
  • J. Abdlmutalib, Ayranci, K., Yassin, M. A., Hussaini, S. R., Abdullatif, O. A., & Humphrey, J. D. (2022). Impact of sedimentary fabrics on small-scale permeability variations within fine-grained sediments: Early Silurian Qusaiba Member, Northern Saudi Arabia. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 139, 105607.
  • Abdlmutalib, O. Abdullatif, A. Alqubalee, L. Gonzalez, J. Humphrey (2021). Effects of lithofacies on pore system evolution of storm-wave silt-rich fine-grained sediments. Early Silurian Qusaiba Member (Qaliba Formation), NW Saudi Arabia. Marine and Petroleum Geology 128, 105048.
  • Abdlmutalib, O. Abdullatif (2017). Multi-scale discontinuities characterization of the arab-D and upper Jubaila tight carbonates outcrop, Central Saudi Arabia. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 42 (6), 2515-2538
  • El-Husseiny, A., Eltom, H., Alqubalee, , Abdlmutalib, A., Al-Mukainah, H., & Syahputra, R. N. (2022). Distinct Petroacoustic Signature of Burrow-Related Carbonate Reservoirs: Outcrop Analog Study, Hanifa Formation, Central Saudi Arabia. Natural Resources Research, 1-26.
  • A. Adam, R. Swennen, W. Abdulghani, A. Abdlmutalib, M. Hariri (2018). Reservoir heterogeneity and quality of Khuff carbonates in outcrops of central Saudi Arabia. Marine and Petroleum Geology 89, 721-751

Awards & Honors

  • Master and PhD scholarships by King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.
  • First place award in scientific research by students forum (KFUPM)- September-2018.