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Dr. Abdulmalek Ahmed

Post-Doc Researcher, Department of Petroleum Engineering

Dr. Abdulmalek Ahmed joined KFUPM as a Post-doctoral researcher in the Petroleum Engineering Department in 2024. He previously worked as a research assistant in the same department from 2016 to 2023, during which he completed his master’s and Ph.D. He was a teaching assistant for some courses such as artificial intelligence in petroleum engineering, unconventional resources evaluation, drilling engineering, petroleum economics, drilling fluid, reservoir engineering, and well control. He worked at Baker Hughes Dhahran Research and Technology Center as an intern in 2015. Dr. Abdulmalek has more than 40 publications in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences. He is an active member of the SPE, ARMA, IADC, SPWLA, DGS, and SEG societies.

Educational Qualification

  • D., Petroleum Engineering, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, 2023
  • M.S., Petroleum Engineering, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, 2019
  • B.S., Petroleum Engineering, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, 2016

Research Interests

  • Oil-Well Cementing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Lost Circulation
  • Rock Mechanics

Selected Publications

  • Ahmed, A., Elkatatny, S., (2023). Deep characterization of heavy-weighted oil well cement segregation by a novel nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technique. Geoenergy Science and Engineering. 226, 211755. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.geoen.2023.211755.
  • Ahmed, A., Mahmoud, A.A., Elkatatny, S., (2023). The effect of polypropylene fiber on the curing time of class G oil well cement and its mechanical, petrophysical, and elastic properties. Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology. Technol. 13, 1181–1196. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13202-022-01601-2.
  • Ahmed, A.; Elkatatny, S.; Ali, A.; Mahmoud, M.; & Abdulraheem, A. (2018). New Model for Pore Pressure Prediction While Drilling Using Artificial Neural Networks. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13369-018-3574-7.
  • Ahmed, A., Abdelaal, A., Elkatatny, S. (2022). Evaluation of hematite and Micromax-based cement systems for high- density well cementing, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.petrol.2022.111125.
  • Ahmed, A., Mahmoud, A. A., & Elkatatny, S. (2020). The Use of the Granite Waste Material as an Alternative for Silica Flour in Oil-Well Cementing. ACS Omega, 5(50), 32341-32348. https://doi.org/10.1021/acsomega.0c04261.
  • Ahmed, A., Elkatatny, S., Ali, A., Abughaban, M., & Abdulraheem, A. (2020). Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Predicting the Lost Circulation Zones Using Drilling Sensors. Journal of Sensors, 2020, 1–18. https://doi.org/10.1155/2020/8851065.
  • Ahmed, A.; Mahmoud, A.A.; Elkatatny, S.; Chen, W. (2019). The Effect of Weighting Materials on Oil-Well Cement Properties While Drilling Deep Wells. Sustainability, 11, 6776. https://doi.org/10.3390/su11236776.B
  • Ahmed, A., Elkatatny, S., & Ali, A. (2020). Fracture Pressure Prediction Using Surface Drilling Parameters by Artificial Intelligence Techniques. Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 143(3): 03320. https://doi.org/10.1115/1.4049125.
  • Ahmed, A., Mahmoud, A.A., Elkatatny, S., (2023). The Combined Effect of Nanoclay Powder and Curing Time on The Properties of Class G Cement. Geofluids, vol. 2023, Article ID 7316335, 14 pages, 2023. https://doi.org/10.1155/2023/7316335
  • Ahmed, A., Mahmoud, A. A., Elkatatny, S., Mahmoud, M., & Abdulraheem, A. (2019). Prediction of Pore and Fracture Pressures Using Support Vector Machine. IPTC-19523-MS. Paper presented at the International Petroleum Technology Conference held in Beijing, China, 26-28 March 2019. https://doi.org/10.2523/IPTC-19523-MS.

Awards & Honors

  • Second Place, PhD Division, SPWLA International Students Paper Contest, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 2024.
  • Prestigious patent award, KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, May 2024.
  • NMR Award, PhD Division, SPWLA 65th Annual Symposium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 2024.
  • Second Place, PhD Division, CPG Students Paper Contest, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, January 2024.
  • Third Place, ARAMCO-KFUPM Datathon, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, March 2019.
  • Second Honor Award, during undergraduate studies from KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, May 2016.