I Have a Dream…

From the moment you first set foot on campus as a freshman, until that proud moment when you toss your graduation cap into the air on completion of your studies, you will be surrounded by all aspects of the “CPG Brand and Offer” that we have all worked tirelessly to put in place…

Quality and excellence are our by-words as we strive to be recognized as both The Arab World’s leading Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences College and one of the World’s Top 5 Colleges for Research, graduate programs, postgraduate studies, teaching, and industry partnerships. These characteristics differentiate our educational offer and that is why an increasing number of local and international students are being attracted to CPG. They are the Ambassadors of the College and their positive stories and experiences help shape the needs and aspirations of the next intake of students. They are an important part of the dream.

But a good dream has many component parts. CPG is not just about its students, its lecturers, its research programs and its strong links with industry… It is more than that. It is also about its facilities, its sense of community pride, its ability to generate life-long friendships and loyalty, its desire to want to evolve and be even better and its capacity to generate a “sense of belonging” for those that reach out to it in either a working, academic studies or social engagement perspective.

Across all of these measures, I believe that CPG has made significant progress. However, I am not complacent and fully appreciate that our journey has still some way to travel. But with the support and commitment of the quality team in place– we have the plans, the resolve, and the foresight to take our esteemed tertiary education establishment to the next level of its development.

As Martin Luther King aptly expressed almost half a century ago, having dreams opens up possibilities and articulates aspirations – we at CPG have started to bring these dreams to a reality but our imaginations are still thinking actively ahead.