New Premises and a New Beginning…

They say that one of the most stressful life experiences is moving house.

All the demands, the unforeseen circumstances that the logistical move can throw up and the unsettling effect of not operating in an environment that you have previously called “home” – can all combine to make this a challenging and fretful time. It can also apply to office moves and this has certainly been the case at CPG recently as we have moved out of the buildings that we have called home many years and moved into new purpose-built premises on Campus. However, rather than looking on the negative aspects of the move, I am pleased to report that a positive mood and spirit of “new beginnings” has engulfed all involved in the project and the teamwork, enthusiasm and drive on display has been both welcomed and refreshing to witness.

Whilst reminiscing about many happy times spent in our old offices, we now belong to premises that are both more reflective of the 21st Century environment in which we operate and best fitting for our status as a premier tertiary education establishment in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a leading international Oil & Gas teaching and research based College.

New premises and new beginnings but the “core” of the CPG Vision & Values remains as before. Our commitment to provide quality throughout all our outputs – whether in teaching, student experience, research programs and industry partnerships – drives who we are and what we stand for. We are proud of our history and traditions but in an environment where The Saudi Vision 2030 initiative is shaping the future of our vibrant nation, we at CPG believe that we have a significant role to play within the education sphere. By importing and exporting best education practice to an increasingly diverse range of key stakeholders both domestically, regionally and internationally – we can continue to make an important contribution to the economic, environmental and social well-being of The Kingdom

We are all very excited by the opportunities and potential that lies ahead and guided by our entrepreneurial spirit, our desire to be innovative and our determination to deliver the best that we can possibly offer – the future of CPG looks bright from a number of perspectives.

Welcome to the New CPG…