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Professor Stewart A. Greenhalgh

Saudi Aramco Chair Professor, Geosciences Department

Stewart Greenhalgh was born in Sydney, Australia and holds British and Australian citizenship. Prior to joining CPG in August 2016, he was Professor of Geophysics at ETH Zürich, Switzerland for 10 years. He is also Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Adelaide, Australia.  He has worked in academia for many years but has also been engaged as a consultant with several oil and mining companies and government agencies. He has enjoyed periods of sabbatical leave at Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University, UK; Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota, USA; Department of Physics, University of Toronto, Canada,  and Institute of Geophysics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He has published over 250 journal articles in various areas of experimental and theoretical geophysics. Stewart has supervised 16 post-doctoral fellows, 36 Ph.D. students, and 28 M.Sc. students. He is an Editor of Pure and Applied Geophysics and the Journal of Geophysics and Engineering.

Educational Qualification

  • D.Sc., Geophysics, University of Sydney, 1997
  • Ph.D., Geophysics/Mathematics/Physics, University of Minnesota, USA, 1979. (coursework GPA of 4 on a scale of 4)
  • M.Sc., Theoretical Seismology, University of Sydney, 1976.
  • B.Sc. (Hons I), Physics/Mathematics, University of Sydney, Australia, 1972.

Research Interests

Seismic exploration; elastic wave theory; numerical seismic modelling; digital signal processing; inverse theory; full waveform inversion; laboratory seismic modelling; earthquakes; crustal geophysics; electrical and electromagnetic imaging; mining, petroleum and environmental applications of geophysics.

Selected Publications

Publications from (2012-2019):

  • Xue, G., Bai, C., Yan, S., Greenhalgh, S., Li, M & Zhou, N. 2012. Deep sounding TEM investigation method based on a  modified fixed central loop system: Journal of Applied Geophysics 76, 23-32 (2012)
  • Zhou, B., Greenhalgh, S.A. & Maurer, H.  2012. 2.5-D frequency domain seismic modelling in heterogeneous, anisotropic media using a Gaussian quadrature grid  technique: Computers and Geosciences 39, 18-33
  • Sinclair, C., Greenhalgh, S.A. and Zhou, B. Wavenumber sampling issues in 2.5D frequency-domain seismic modelling: Pure & Applied Geophysics 169, 141-156 (2012)  DOI 10.1007/s0024-011-0277-3
  • Coscia, I., Linde, N., Greenhalgh, S.A., Günther, T. & Green, A.G. 2012. A  filtering method to correct time-lapse 3D ERT data and improve imaging of natural aquifer dynamics: Journal of Applied Geophysics 80, 12-24  DOI: 10.1016/j.jappgeo.2011.12.015
  • Zhou, B., Greenhalgh, S.A. & Greenhalgh, M. 2012. Wavenumber sampling strategies for 2.5D frequency-domain seismic wave modelling in general anisotropic media: Geophysical Journal International  188, 223-238.  D0I: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2011.05246.x
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  • Huang, C., Bai, C.Y., Zhou, D. & Greenhalgh, S.  2012.   2D/3D seismic simultaneous inversion for  the velocity model and interface geometry using multiple classes of arrivals: Bulletin of  Seismological Society of America 180 (2), 790-801
  • Manukyan, E., Latzel, S., Maurer, H., Marelli, S. & Greenhalgh, S. 2012. Exploitation of information content in elastic waveform inversions: Geophysics 77(2), R105-R116, doi: 10.1190/GEO2011-0184.1
  • Coscia, I., Linde, N., Greenhalgh, S.A., Vogt, T. & Green, A.G.2012.  Estimating traveltimes and groundwater flow patterns using 3D time-lapse crosshole ERT imaging of electrical resistivity fluctuations induced by infiltrating river water: Geophysics 77(4), E239-E250,doi 10.1190/GEO2011-0328.1.
  • Meles, G., Greenhalgh, S.A., Green, A.G.,  Maurer, H. & van der Kruk, J. 2012. GPR full waveform sensitivity and resolution analysis using an FDTD adjoint method:  IEEE Transactions on Geoscience & Remote Sensing 50(5), 1881-1896.
  • Greenhalgh, S.A., Liu, X. & Zhou, B. 2012.Velocity and attenuation dispersion relations for the effective Biot model: total field formulation: Near Surface Geophysics 10, 197-206: doi 10.3997/1873-0604.2011050
  • Bai, C.Y., Huang, G. Tang, X. & Greenhalgh, S.A. 2012. Multi-valued reflection arrival tracking via an extremal solution of the summed ray field: Journal of Geophysics & Engineering 9, 549-557
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  • Auer, L., Nuber, A., Greenhalgh, S., Maurer, H. & Marelli. 2013. A critical appraisal of asymptotic 3D-to-2D data transformation in seismic full waveform inversion: Geophysics78(6), R235-R247, doi: 10.1.1190/geo2012.0382.1
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  • Qi Hao and Stewart Greenhalgh. 2019. The generalized standard-linear solid model and the corresponding viscoacoustic wave equations revisited: Geophysical Journal Int. ( in press, accepted for publication September 2, 2019)

Awards & Honors

  • Leo Cotton Prize, University of Sydney, 1971
  • L A Richardson Memorial Prize, University of Sydney, 1972
  • Australian Government Commonwealth Scholarship, 1969-72
  • Fulbright Fellowship, 1976-1979
  • Edgeworth David Travelling Fellowship, 1976
  • University of Minnesota Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, 1978-1979
  • Laric Hawkins Award for Technical Innovation, Australian SEG 1992
  • Who’s Who in Australia, 1992
  • Elected Fellow of Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, 2000
  • Centennial Medal, Service to Geophysics – Australian Governor General, 2001
  • Elected Fellow, UK Institute of Physics, 2005
  • Ludger Mintrop Award, European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, 2013
  • Distinguished Achievement award (to ETH Zurich AUG  Group of which I was  a member for 9 years), Society of Exploration Geophysicists, 2015
  • Conrad Schlumberger award, European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, 2016