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Dr. Mohammad H. Makkawi Ashri

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences

A KFUPM professor with 25+ years of experience in academia, research, and consultancy. A hydrogeologist and numerical & geostatistical modeler by training. Involved in several studies and developed various models for groundwater aquifers, hydrocarbon reservoirs, and mineral quarries. Led and associated in projects that served the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture (KSA), Saudi Aramco, SABIC Petrochemicals, Ma’aden Mining Co., Saudi Geological Survey, Worley Parsons, Fluor Arabia Ltd., and Alcoa. Received several awards in appreciation of his services and professional performance.

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D., Groundwater Eng. (Environmental Hydrogeology), Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept., Colorado State University (CSU), Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, 1998
  • M.Sc., Geology (Geostatistical Modeling), Earth Sciences Dept., King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 1991
  • B.Sc., Geology, Earth Sciences Dept., KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 1985

Research Interests

  • Environmental hydrogeology
  • Groundwater modelling and management
  • Geostatistical modelling
  • Characterization of aquifers, reservoirs, and other natural & economic resources

Selected Publications

Publications in Hydrogeology

  • Benaafi, M., M. Hariri, G., Bertotti, A. Al-Shaibani, O. Abdullatif, and M. Makkawi, 2019, Natural fracture system of the Cambro-Permian Wajid Group, Wadi Al-Dawasir, SW Saudi Arabia, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Volume 175, April 2019, Pages 140-158.
  • Tawabini, B., and M. Makkawi, 2018, Remediation of MTBE-Contaminated Groundwater by Integrated Circulation Wells and Advanced Oxidation Technologies, Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, 18.2, pp 399 -407, DOI: 10.2166/ws.2017.128
  • Makkawi, M. H., 2015, Geostatistics as a groundwater exploration planning tool: case of a brackish-saline aquifer, Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Vol 8, Issue 5, pp 3311–3319
  • Iwalewa T. M. and M. H. Makkawi, 2015, Site characterization and risk assessment in support of the design of groundwater remediation well near a hazardous landfill, AJGS, 
Vol 8, Issue 3, pp 1705–1715
  • Iwalewa T. M., M. H. Makkawi, A. S. Elamin, and A. M. Al-Shaibani,2013 Groundwater Management Case Study, Eastern Saudi Arabia: Part I – Flow Simulation, European Journal of Scientific Research, vol109, issue 10, pp. 633-649
  • Iwalewa T. M., M. H. Makkawi, A. S. Elamin, and A. M. Al-Shaibani, 2013, Groundwater Management Case Study, Eastern Saudi Arabia: Part I – Solute Transport Simulation and Hydrochemistry, European Journal of Scientific Research, vol109, issue 10, pp. 650-667
  • Makkawi, M. and A. Al-Shuhail, 2007, A cost-effective method to map the top of shallow groundwater systems, Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research, vol. 25, no. 1/2, pp. 67-70.
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  • Makkawi, M., 2002, Improving Response Variable Prediction by Conditional Simulation Procedures. In: M. Sherif, V. Singh, and M. Al-Rashed (eds.), Groundwater Hydrology, Vol. 2, The Netherlands: A. A. Balkema Publishers, pp. 261-268.

Publications in Geology and Geostatistics

  • Abdelkarim, A., O. Abdullatif, L. Babalola, M. Makkawi, and M. Yassin, 2018, High-resolution lithofacies and porosity modeling of the mixed siliciclastic– carbonate deposits of the Burdigalian Dam Formation, Eastern Saudi Arabia, International Journal of Earth Sciences https://doi.org/10.1007/s00531-018-1647-1
  • Benaafi, M., M. Hariri, A. Al-Shaibani, O. Abdullatif, M. Makkawi, 2018, “Integrated Geomechanical, Petrographical and Petrophysical Study of the Sandstones of the Wajid Group, SW Saudi Arabia” Journal of African Earth Sciences, 143, pp 162-177, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2018.03.011.
  • Yousif, I. M., O. M. Abdullatif, M. H. Makkawi, M. A. Bashri, and W. M. Abdulghani, 2018, Lithofacies, paleoenvironment and high-resolution stratigraphy of the D5 and D6 members of the Middle Jurassic carbonates Dhruma Formation, outcrop analog, central Saudi Arabia, Journal of African Earth Sciences, 139, pp 463-479, doi: 10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2017.11.022
  • Ibrahim, Mohamed I.M., M. M. Hariri, O. M. Abdullatif, M. H. Makkawi, and H. Elzain, 2017, Fractures system within Qusaiba shale outcrop and its relationship to the lithological properties, Qasim area, Central Saudi Arabia, Journal of African Earth Sciences, vol 133, pp. 104-122
  • Benaafi, M., M. Hariri, O. Abdullatif, M. Makkawi, and A. Al­Shaibani, 2017, Analysis of lineaments within the Wajid Group, SW Saudi Arabia, and their tectonic significance, Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 10:106, DOI 10.1007/s12517-017-2860-0
  • Yassin, M., M. Hariri, O. Abdullatif, G. Korvin, and M. Makkawi, 2017, Evolution history of transtensional pull-apart, oblique rift basin and its implication on hydrocarbon exploration: A case study from Sufyan Sub-basin, Muglad Basin, Sudan, Marine and Petroleum Geology, Vol. 79, pp. 282–299.
  • Eltom, H., A. K. Kubur, A. M. Abdulraziq, L. Babalola, M. H. Makkawi, and O. M. Abdullatif, 2017, Three-dimensional outcrop reservoir analog model: a case study of the Upper Khuff Formation oolitic carbonates, central Saudi Arabia, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Vol. 150, pp. 115–127.
  • Eltom, H. A., O. M. Abdullatif, M. H. Makkawi, and I-E A. Eltoum, 2017, Rare Earth Element Geochemistry of Shallow Carbonate Outcropping Strata in Saudi Arabia: Application for Depositional Environments Prediction, Sedimentary Geology, Vol. 348, pp. 51–68.
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  • Makkawi, M.H., Hariri, M.M., Ghaleb, A.R, 2003, Computer utilization in teaching earth sciences: Experience of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, International Education Journal, Vol. 4 (2) , pp. 89-97
  • Al-Khalifah M. and M. Makkawi, 2002, The Impact of Data Integration on Geostatistical Porosity Modelling: a Case Study from the Berri Field, Saudi Arabia, Journal of Petroleum Geology, vol. 25, no. 4, pp. 485-498 (Received 2002 Best Paper Award in Exploration Organization of Saudi Aramco Oil Company)

Awards & Honors

  • KFUPM Excellence in Teaching Award, 2018
  • Royal Commission of Jubail & Yanbu (RCJY) Appreciation Award, 2014
  • RCJY Recognition Award, 2007
  • EPD (Saudi Aramco) Recognition Award, 2005
  • Exploration Organization (Saudi Aramco) Best Paper Award, 2002
  • HRH Prince Bandar Bin Sultan (former KSA Ambassador to USA) Award for Academic Achievement, 1999
  • HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd (former Eastern Province Governor, KSA) Award for Scientific Excellency in Applied Research, 1998
  • CSU 1st Place Award to Saudi Students’ House, International Day, Colorado State Univ., 1996
  • KFUPM Rector’s Certificate for Remarkable Services, 1990, 2007, and 2017