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Dr. Jimoh Kayode Adewole

Engineer I, CIPR

Dr. Adewole is an experienced engineering professional with skills in Chemical engineering, designing and conducting experimental studies on polymer synthesis, processing, characterization and application for hydrocarbon recovery and processing. He offers significant abilities in the areas of membrane technology; drilling fluids, water and gas control, and chemical enhanced oil recovery (cEOR). His research comprises:

  • Fundamental investigations of material properties, compositions, and applications in oil and gas exploration, production and processing
  • Engineering efforts to translate such fundamental information into future technological advancements

Dr. Adewole has taken part in a number of research projects some of whom are multidisciplinary based projects involving chemists, materials scientists, chemical/polymer engineers and petroleum engineers. He is also involved in training of graduate and undergraduate students. Before joining CIPR, he was a Graduate Assistant at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria where he was involved in research and teaching. He was a visiting researcher to the School of Chemical Engineering, University Sains Malaysia.

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia, 2015.
  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, KSA, 2011.
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, 2005.
  • Diploma, Computer Proficiency, Ultra Brains Institute of Information Technology, Nigeria, 2005.
  • National Diploma, Chemical Engineering, Kaduna Polytechnic, Nigeria, 1998.

Research Interests

  • Membrane Science and Technology
  • Polymer-Based Drilling Fluid Additives
  • Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Process and Material Modeling, Simulation & Optimization

Selected Publications

  • J. K. Adewole, A. L. Ahmad (2017), Polymeric membrane materials selection for high-pressure CO2 removal from natural gas, Journal of Polymer Research, 24:70 (10.1007/s10965-017-1231-6).
  • Abdullah S. Sultan, Jimoh K. Adewole, Amir Al-Ahmed, Mazen Nazal, S. M. Javaid Zaidi (2017), Preparation and Performance Evaluation of SPEEK/Polyaniline Composite Membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell, International Polymer Processing, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 41-49, (DOI 10.3139/217.3259).
  • Jimoh Kayode Adewole, and Abdul Latif Ahmad (2016), Process Modeling and Optimization Studies of High-Pressure Membrane Separation of CO2 from Natural Gas, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol 33(10), pp 2998-3010, (DOI: 10.1007/s11814-016-0165-8)
  • J. K. Adewole (2016), Transport Properties of Gases through Integrally Skinned Asymmetric Composite Membranes Prepared from Date Pit Powder and Polysulfone, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol 133, pp 43606
  • Amir Al-Ahmed, Mazen Khaled Nazal, Abdullah S. Sultan, Jimoh K. Adewole, Syed Javaid Zaid (2016), Proton conducting blend membranes: physical, morphological and electronic properties, Polymer Bulletin, 74; 963 (DOI:10.1007/s00289-016-1756-6).
  • A. L. Ahmad, J. K. Adewole, C. P. Leo, S. Ismail, A. S. Sultan, S. O. Olatunji (2015), Prediction of Plasticization Pressure of Polymeric Membranes for CO2 Removal from Natural Gas, Journal of Membrane Science, Vol 480, pp 39–46
  • J. K. Adewole, A. L. Ahmad, S. Ismail, C. P. Leo, A. S. Sultan (2015), Comparative Studies on the Effects of Casting Solvent on Physico – chemical and Gas Transport Properties of Dense Polysulfone Membrane used for CO2 Removal from CH4, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol 132, pp 42205.
  • J. K. Adewole, A. L. Ahmad, A. S. Sultan, S. Ismail, C. P. Leo (2015), Model-Based Analysis of Polymeric Membranes Performance in High-Pressure CO2 Removal from Natural Gas, Journal of Polymer Research, Vol 22 (2) pp1 -10
  • Ahmad, J. K. Adewole, C. P. Leo, A. S. Sultan, S. Ismail (2014), Preparation and Gas Transport Properties of Dual – Layer Polysulfone Membranes for High-Pressure CO2 Removal from Natural Gas, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 131 (20), pp 40924.
  • J. K. Adewole, A. S. Sultan (2014), A Study on Processing and Chemical Composition of Date Pit Powder for Application in Enhanced Oil Recovery, Defect and Diffusion Forum Vol. 353 (2014) pp 79-83
  • J. K. Adewole, A. L. Ahmad, S. Ismail, L. C. Peng (2013), Current Challenges in Membrane Separation of CO2 from Natural Gas: A Review, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol. 17 2013, pp 46-65
  • Jimoh K. Adewole, Ibnelwaleed A. Hussein, Usamah A. Al-Mubaiyedh (2013), Development of a Mathematical Model for Natural Gas Permeation Through Polymer Nanocomposites at High Pressure and Temperature, Journal of Nano Research Vol. 21 (2013) pp 95-101
  • J. K. Adewole, Lars Jensen, Usamah A. Al-Mubaiyedh, Nicolas von Solms, Ibnelwaleed A. Hussein, (2012), Transport Properties of Natural Gas through Polyethylene Nanocomposites at High Temperature and Pressure, Journal of Polymer Research, Vol. 19 (2), 1-11
  • Jimoh K. Adewole, Usamah A. Al-Mubaiyedh, Anwar Ul-Hamid, Abdulhadi A. Al-Juhani, Ibnelwaleed A. Hussein (2012), Bulk and surface mechanical properties of clay modified HDPE used in liner applications, Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol. 90 (4) 1066–1078.

Papers in Conference Proceedings:

  • Jimoh K. Adewole, Abdullah S. Sultan, Lionel Foganga and Mohamed Mahmoud (2017); Characterization and Processing of Khulays Clay for Drilling Fluid Application, 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting; October 29 – November 3, 2017, Minneapolis, MN
  • Jimoh K. Adewole, Musa Najimu (2017); Oil Field Chemicals from Macromolecular Renewable Resources: Date Pit as a Case Study for Drilling Fluid Additive, 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting; October 29 – November 3, 2017, Minneapolis, MN
  • Jimoh K. Adewole, Musa O. Najimu (2018); Bio-based Additive as Density Reducing Agent in Underbalanced Drilling, accepted for presentation at the 11th edition of the SPE/IADC Middle East Drilling Technology Conference and Exhibition, 29 to 31 January 2018 in Abu Dhabi, UAE


Awards & Honors

  • Best Student, ND II Chemical Engineering, Kaduna Polytechnic, Nigeria 1997/1998.
  • Recipient of Federal Government of Nigeria Scholarship, 2004.
  • Recipient of King Fahd University Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran Saudi Arabia MS Scholarship, 2009.
  • Elsevier Outstanding Reviewer Status (International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control), 2015.