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Dr. Jack Dvorkin

Geophysics/Petrophysics & Geomechanics, Program Leader, CIPR

1989-2017: Senior Research Scientist, Stanford University, Geophysics.  Developed most of the currently used theoretical rock physics models.  Developed physics-based interpretation of seismic impedance inversion data for porosity, mineralogy, and pore fluid.  Rock physics of gas hydrate deposits.  Theoretical models for attenuation and velocity dispersion of seismic waves.  Pore pressure prediction from seismically derived attributes.  Tectonophysics.  Computational rock physics.  Advised over 20 graduate Ph.D. and M.S students.  Managed grants with NSF, DOE, US Airforce, US Army.

1998-2007:  Principal Advisor, Rock Solid Images, Houston.  Introduced and developed the technology of rock physics diagnostics.  Introduced rock physics templates.  Over 20 case studies for rock physics based characterization of reservoir and non-reservoir rocks.

2007-Present:  Principal Advisor, Ingrain, Houston (now Halliburton).  Computation of permeability and elastic properties of rocks from micro CT images, 3D and 2D.  Six U.S. patents.

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D. (Continuum Mechanics), 1980; M.S. and B.Sc. (Continuum Mechanics), 1974, both from Moscow Lomonosov University (USSR).

Research Interests

  • Theoretical rock physics and its links with laboratory and field experiments. 
  • Interpretation of seismic data for volumetric rock properties:  porosity, mineralogy, fluid content. 
  • Effect of spatial scale on rock physics relations. 
  • Computational rock physics:  “image and compute.”

Selected Publications

  • Mavko, G., Mukerji, T., and Dvorkin, J., 2009, Rock Physics Handbook, 2nd Edition, Cambridge University Press.
  • Dvorkin, J., Gutierrez, M., and Grana, D., 2014, Seismic Reflections of Rock Properties, Cambridge University Press.
  • Dvorkin, J., Mavko, G., and Nur, A., 1991, The Effect of Cementation on the Elastic Properties of Granular Material, Mechanics of Materials, 12, 207-217.
  • Dvorkin, J., and Nur, A., 1996, Elasticity of High-Porosity Sandstones:  Theory for Two North Sea Datasets, Geophysics, 61, 1363-1370.
  • Dvorkin, J., and Alkhater, S., 2004, Pore fluid and porosity mapping from seismic, First Break, 22, February 2004, 53-57.
  • Dvorkin, J., Derzhi, N., Diaz, E., and Fang, Q., 2011, Relevance of computational rock physics, Geophysics, 76, E141-E153.
  • Dvorkin, J., and Derzhi, N., 2012, Rules of upscaling for rock physics transforms: Composites of randomly and independently drawn elements, Geophysics, 77, WA129-WA139.
  • Dvorkin, J., and Wollner, U., 2017, Rock-physics transforms and scale of investigation, Geophysics, 82, MR75-MR88.
  • Arevalo-Lopez, H.S., and Dvorkin, J.P., 2017, Simultaneous impedance inversion and interpretation for an offshore turbiditic reservoir, Interpretation, 5, SL9- SL23.
  • Wollner, U., and Dvorkin, J., 2018, Seismic-scale dependence of the effective bulk modulus of pore fluid upon water saturation, Geophysics, 83, No. 2, 1-11.

Awards & Honors

  • Senior Scientist in Mechanics of Deformable Rigid Body, USSR, 1987.
  • Keynote speaker and invited lecturer worldwide:  Canada, Norway, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Italy, Australia.
  • SEG Honorary Member Award, 2014.
  • ENI Award, New Frontiers of Hydrocarbon – Upstream Section, for Pioneering innovations in theoretical and practical rock physics for seismic reservoir characterization, 2014.