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Dr. Ibrahim Zarin

Post-Doc Researcher, CIPR

Dr. Ibrahim Khan received his M.Sc. (2010) and M.Phil. (2013) degrees in the field of Applied Physical Chemistry from the University of Malakand. After completion of Ph.D. degree (2018) in Physical Chemistry (with energy-oriented research) from the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), he joined the Center for Integrated Petroleum Research (CIPR), College of Petroleum Engineering & Geoscience (CPG), KFUPM as a Postdoctoral Fellow to pursue his research in nanomaterials synthesis via Advanced Wet Chemistry techniques for Oil Field Applications. His research interests include the designing and synthesis of advanced nanomaterials for energy-based applications, mechanistic studies, and computational modeling of materials, etc. In addition to various conference presentations, he also coauthored more than 30 research articles in well-reputed Scopus indexed journals under ACS, Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, and Nature publishers. Owing to exceptional research outcomes, his Ph.D. thesis has been nominated for the prestigious Al-Marai Award by KFUPM. Lately, he has also acquired several distinctions and research productivity awards.

“Science can`t be very inspirational unless you perfectly understand it.” – Dr. Ibrahim Khan

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry), Dissertation title “Hybrid Metal Oxide Nanoarrays: Fabrication, Properties, and Energy Conversion Applications”, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Dhahran, Dammam, KSA. 05/2018
  • M.Phil (Applied Physical Chemistry), Thesis title “Effect of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs) on the Properties of Polymeric Materials”. University of Malakand, KP, Pakistan. 11/2013
  • M.Sc. (Chemistry), Thesis title “Adsorption of Phenol on the Surface of Modified Banana Peel”, University of Malakand, KP, Pakistan, 03/2010.

Research Interests

  • Synthesis of advanced nanomaterials and their composites for energy harvesting and oil field applications
  • Mechanistic studies of the physical and chemical phenomena in reaction media
  • Computational modeling of materials, and various reaction pathways

Selected Publications

Published Articles (Selected)

  • Ibrahim Khan, Nadeem Baig, Ahsanullhaq Qurashi, Pulse sonochemical tailoring of graphitic carbon nitride impregnated niobium oxide (g-C3N4/Nb2O5) Type (II) heterojunctions and its synergetic solar-driven hydrogen generation, ACS App. Eng. Mater. 2 (2019) 607–615 [Impact Factor (IF) Awaited]
  • Ibrahim Khan, A. Qurashi, Sonochemical assisted in-situ electrochemical synthesis of Ag/α-Fe2O3/TiO2 nanotube-arrays for photoelectrochemical energy harnessing from water splitting, ACS Sus. Chem. Eng, 6 (2018) 11235-11245. [IF 6.14]
  • Dmitri Spetter, Muhammad Nawaz Tahir, Ibrahim Khan, Ahsanulhaq, Qurashi, Hao Lu, Tobias Weidner, Wolfgang Tremel, Solvothermal Synthesis of Molybdenum-Tungsten-Oxides and Their Application for the Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Reaction, ACS Sus. Chem. Eng, ACS Sus. Chem. Eng, 6 (2018) 12641-12649. [IF 6.14]
  • Ibrahim Khan, A. Qurashi, G. Berdiyorov, N. Iqbal, K. Fuji, Single-step strategy for the fabrication of GaON/ZnO nanoarchitecture photoanode and their experimental and computational photoelectrochemical water splitting, Nano. Eng. 44 (2018) 23-33. [IF 13.1]
  • Ibrahim Khan, A. Qurashi, Shaped Controlled Synthesis of Copper Vanadate Platelet Nanostructures, Their Optical Band Edges and Solar-Driven Water Splitting Properties, Sci. Rep. 7 (2017) 14370. [IF 4.12]
  • Ibrahim Khan, S. Ali, M. Mansha, A. Qurashi, Sonochemical assisted hydrothermal synthesis of pseudo-flower shaped Bismuth vanadate (BiVO4) and their solar-driven water splitting application, Ultrason. Sonochem. 36 (2017) 386–392. [IF 6.01]
  • Ibrahim Khan, A.A.M. Ibrahim, M. Sohail, A. Qurashi, Sonochemical assisted synthesis of RGO/ZnO NAs for photoelectrochemical water splitting, Ultrason. Sonochem. 37 (2017) 669–675. [IF 6.01]
  • N. Iqbal, Ibrahim Khan, Z.H. Yamani, A. Qurashi, Sonochemical Assisted Solvothermal Synthesis of Gallium Oxynitride Nanosheets and their Solar-Driven Photoelectrochemical Water-Splitting Applications, Sci. Rep. 6 (2016) 32319. [IF 4.12]
  • N. Ullah, M. Mansha, Ibrahim Khan, A. Qurashi, Nanomaterial-based optical chemical sensors for the detection of heavy metals in water: Recent advances and challenges, TrAC Trends Anal. Chem. 100 (2018) 155-166. [IF 8.22]
  • Ibrahim Khan, A. Abdalla, A. Qurashi, Synthesis of hierarchical WO3 and Bi2O3/WO3 nanocomposite for solar-driven water splitting applications, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy. 42 (2017) 3431-3439. [IF 4.23]
  • Ibrahim Khan, K. Saeed, I. Khan, Nanoparticles: Properties, applications and toxicities, Arab. J. Chem. (2017). doi:10.1016/j.arabjc.2017.05.011. [IF 4.55]
  • M. Mansha, Ibrahim Khan, N. Ullah, A. Qurashi, M. Sohail, Visible-light driven water splitting by poly(phenylene cyanovinylenes), Dyes. Pig. 143, 95-102. [IF 3.77]
  • S. Ali, Ibrahim Khan, S.A. Khan, et al., Electrocatalytic performance of Ni@Pt core-shell nanoparticles supported on carbon nanotubes for methanol oxidation reaction, J. Electroanal. Chem. 795 (2017) 17–25. [IF 3.23]
  • Ibrahim Khan, A. Khalil, F. Khanday, A. M. Shemsi, A. Qurashi, K. S. Siddiqui, Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanostructures, Arab J Sci Eng.43 (2017) 43-61. [IF 1.1]
  • H. Ullah, Ibrahim Khan, Z.H. Yamani, A. Qurashi, Sonochemical-driven ultrafast facile synthesis of SnO2 nanoparticles: Growth mechanism structural electrical and hydrogen gas sensing properties, Ultrason. Sonochem. 34 (2017) 484–490. [IF 6.01]
  • M. Mansha, A. Qurashi, N. Ullah, F.O. Bakare, Ibrahim Khan, Z.H. Yamani, Synthesis of In2O3/graphene heterostructure and their hydrogen gas sensing properties, Ceram. Int. 42 (2016) 11490-11495. [IF 3.01]
  • K. Saeed, Ibrahim Khan, Preparation and properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes/poly(butylene terephthalate) nanocomposites, Iran. Polym. J. 23 (2014) 53. [IF 1.28]

Patents (Filed)

  • Ahsanulhaq Qurashi, Ibrahim Khan: Synthesis of Tin oxide nanoarrays by anodization method. US Patent and Trademark Office, Oblon Ref: 504362US
  • Ahsanulhaq Qurashi, Ibrahim Khan: Synthesis of In2O3 Nanoarrays by Electrochemical anodization technique. US Patent and Trademark Office, Oblon Ref: 504373US
  • Ahsanulhaq Qurashi, Ibrahim Khan: Gallium oxynitride-zinc oxide photoelectrode for solar water splitting. US Patent and Trademark Office, Oblon Ref: 512745US
  • M. Mansha, Ibrahim Khan, N. Ullah, A. Qurashi, A copolymer for photoelectrocatalytic water splitting. US Patent and Trademark Office, Oblon Ref: 509415US

Book Chapter (Published)

  • Ibrahim Khan, Muhammad Mansha, Jafar Muzamdar: “Polymer Blends”. In: Jafar Mazumder M., Sheardown H., Al-Ahmed A. (eds) Functional Polymers. Polymers and Polymeric Composites: A Reference Series. Springer, Cham, (2018).

Awards & Honors

  • Best Ph.D. Thesis Nomination by KFUPM for Prestigious Al-Marai Award (11/2018)
  • 1st Prize for Writing Contribution by Saudi Arabian International Chemical Sciences Chapter (SAICSC) (05/2018)
  • First Prize in Oral Presentation in 9th KFUPM Student Research Forum (04/2018)
  • Poster Award Winner in International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies, arranged by US-PCAS-E (09/2017).
  • Poster Award Winner in Research Poster Day arranged by KFUPM and ACS Arabian Chapter (01/2017).
  • Research Assistant in NSTIP funded Project (awarded by National Plan for Science, Technology, and Innovation (MAARIFAH), project code: 13-NAN1600-04.
  • Selected as Research Associate in HEC funded Project, code: 20-1470/R&D/095880, entitled: “To Study the Effect of SWNTs on the Properties of PBT Polymer”.
  • Gold Medalist in B. Ed. (05/2012).
  • Attained One-year Lectureship in Chemistry under Nation Internship Program (NIP) from the Government of Pakistan for the year 2010.