Location: Bldg 76, Rm. 2160

Dr. Arif Hussain

Post-Doc Researcher, Department of Geosciences

Dr. Arif Hussain holds a B.Sc in Petroleum Geology from University of the Punjab (Pakistan) and M.Sc in Sedimentary Geology from University of Poitiers (France). After Master’s, he worked in Sandstone Diagenesis Research group at TOTAL SA, France. Arif obtained his PhD in Deep-marine Sedimentology from University College Dublin (Ireland). Before Joining KFUPM, he was working as Research Assistant (Postdoc level) in carbonate sedimentology at Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences (ICRAG).

Arif’s main interests are in sediment generation and their transport from terrestrial environments to the deep ocean. A particular focus is on understanding the behavior of clay-rich sediment gravity currents (aka hybrid flows) and constrain linkage of clay-driven flow processes to the deposition of clastic sediments, organic carbon, and anthropogenic material (microplastic) in the deep-ocean

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D. – Clastic Sedimentology, University College Dublin, Ireland (2020)
  • M.Sc – Sedimentary Geology, University of Poitiers, France (2015)
  • B.Sc – Petroleum Geology, University of the Punjab, Pakistan (2012)

Research Interests

  • Deep-marine sedimentary processes
  • Marine carbon cycle
  • Source-to-sink analysis of sedimentary systems
  • Reservoir diagenesis and characterization

Selected Publications

  • Hussain. A, Haughton. P, Shannon, P, Morris, E, Pierce. C, Omma, J. Mud-forced flow transformations facilitates rapid burial and enhanced preservation of terrestrial organic matter in deep-sea environments. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 130. doi; https://doi.org/10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2021.105101
  • Hussain. A, Haughton. P, Shannon, P, Turner. J, Pierce. C, Obradors-Latre. A, Barker. S and Martinsen, O. High- resolution XRF scanning of hybrid event beds (HEBs); implications for sediment gravity flow behaviour and deposit structure. Sedimentology, 67, 2850–2882. doi: https://doi.org/10.1111/sed.12722
  • Alemenningen. S, Roy. S, Hussain. A, Ersland. G, Seland. J. Effect of mineral composition on transverse relaxation and MR imaging of tight rocks from offshore Ireland. Minerals, 10(3), p. 232.
  • Alemenningen. S, Roy. S, Hussain. A, Betlem. P, Senger, K and Ersland. G. Demonstrating the potential of CO2 hydrate self-sealing in Svalbard, Arctic, Norway. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 89, p. 1-8.

Awards & Honors

2021 – Best paper published in the Journal Sedimentology [Sedimentology Editors’ Pick 2020]
2020 – Norwegian carbon capture and storage ‘Best paper 2020’ award
2018 – Society of Sedimentary Geology (SEPM) postgraduate student grant
2018 – American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)-Grant -in-Aid
2018 – Marine Institute Ireland networking grant
2017 – University College Dublin ‘Research dissemination and Output’ grant
2016 – International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS) Postgraduate research grant
2016 – SFI Doctoral Scholar
2013 – Erasmus Mundus Master Scholar
2008 – University of the Punjab Merit Scholar